Eco Friendly Packaging for Small Businesses: Go Green!

As an entrepreneur, you play a crucial role in cutting down vast amounts of waste we produce. According to research, each person makes 69kg to 221kg of plastic waste every year, some via purchases. By turning to eco friendly packaging for small businesses, we can bring this number down significantly.

Eco-friendly packaging stands for using materials that are gentle on the earth. This includes making sure items have no or very low environmental impact. It swaps out single-use plastics for packages that can be used again, are easy on the planet, or break down naturally. The effort helps business owners clearly choose eco-friendly packages, thanks to guidance from the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides.

Sustainable packaging aims to lower our impact on the planet. It’s crafted from materials that have been used before and do not rely on resources that will someday run out. It is worth noting that packaging accounts for 40% of the 353 million tonnes (Mt) of total plastic waste in landfills worldwide.

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What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is important for a sustainable planet. It uses materials that are kind to the environment. This means no single-use plastics. Containers are made to be used again, to naturally break down, or turn into soil.

Definition of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly or sustainable packaging aims to leave a small environmental footprint. It’s about the whole life of a package, from where the materials come from to what happens after use. Choosing these options helps keep our home on Earth clean and healthy.

Importance of Sustainability in Packaging

With overconsumption a big issue, green packaging is vital. Earth’s resources are running out faster than we can replenish them. Packing makes up 40% of all plastic waste, which is huge. By using eco options, we do our part to tread lighter on the planet.

FTC Revised Green Guides for Labeling

The FTC’s Revised Green Guides are here to clear up green claims. They make sure sellers tell the whole truth. Following these guides means businesses showcase true efforts in helping the world.

Why Go Green with Eco Friendly Packaging for Small Business?

For small businesses, using eco-friendly packaging makes a big difference. It cuts down on harm to our surroundings. It also boosts how people see your brand and makes more sales possible.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly packaging is good for the planet. It’s made from materials that would have been thrown away. This means we use less of the Earth’s resources. Choosing this kind of packaging helps make the future more bright.

Improve Brand Perception

Today’s shoppers care about the planet. By using green packaging, you show you care too. This is attractive to customers who value eco-friendliness. It builds more trust in your brand. This trust turns into loyal customers and more sales.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Green packaging is more than good for the Earth. It can also help your business grow. People like to buy from companies that share their values. So, choosing eco-friendly packaging can draw in more customers. This means more sales for you.

The advantages of eco packaging go beyond just one thing. They are smart choices for small businesses. These choices can cut down on environmental harm, make your brand better known, and meet the growing demand for green options.

Best Materials for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Small businesses can use eco-friendly packaging. They have many choices. There’s corrugated cardboard, compostable mailers, and plant-based materials. These options are good for the earth and your packing needs.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is eco-friendly. It’s made of layers of biodegradable kraft paperboard. These boxes are strong but light, great for shipping many items.

Compostable Mailers

Compostable mailers are a good choice for small to medium items. They work well for toys, clothes, and dry food. Plus, they break down in six months without hurting soil or plants.

Plant-Based Packing Materials

There are also plant-based options. Cornstarch, coconut husk, and bioplastics are some. They use less carbon than regular plastics, which is better for the planet.

Recycled Paper and Plastic

Recycled paper and plastic are another good choice. They can be made new over and over. So, they’re perfect for products that change often.

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Biodegradable packing peanuts are the latest in sustainable shipping solutions. They’re made from cornstarch or wheat, which are good for the earth. These peanuts fill boxes with care, protecting delicate items.

This eco-friendly choice is better than the usual packing peanuts. Regular ones, made of polystyrene, harm the planet by taking 500 years to break down. But our biodegradable peanuts vanish in water, making clean-up a breeze.

We at our small business proudly use these biodegradable packing peanuts and other eco-friendly packaging. This choice helps us cut down on waste. It also gives our customers an easy, earth-friendly way to pack their orders.

Recyclable Padded Mailers

In the green movement, companies are turning to recyclable padded mailers. They’re a step up from regular mailers, being both recyclable and padded like bubble wrap. This makes them great for shipping delicate items like sunglasses, makeup, books, and stationery. They’re the perfect eco-friendly shipping supplies.

Benefits of Padded Mailers

These mailers have two adhesive strips, so they’re good for more than one use. The design makes them easy to recycle in local programs. Small businesses can cut down on environmental harm by using sustainable packaging solutions like these. They help in the reducing plastic waste mission.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is a huge problem worldwide. It’s predicted that 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste will be dumped by 2050. Choosing eco-friendly shipping supplies changes this future. Businesses can help fight reducing plastic waste with recyclable padded mailers.

recyclable padded mailers

Carbon-Neutral Shipping and Offsetting Emissions

Small businesses are working hard to be more eco-friendly. Carbon-neutral shipping is becoming more popular. It involves figuring out how much carbon our shipping makes. Then, we do things to make up for that harm, like planting trees or funding projects that protect nature. This way, our shipping doesn’t hurt the planet as much.

Calculating Carbon Footprint

TAMGA Designs is a leader in eco-friendly shipping. They use a detailed worksheet to figure out how much CO2 their clothes make while traveling. They look at each step of their shipping process. This helps them find ways to lower their environmental impact.

Carbon Offset Programs

At TAMGA Designs, they are serious about being good for the earth. They help protect the Amazon with their carbon offset efforts. By working with the Envira Amazonia Project, they make their shipping carbon-neutral. They hope other companies will do the same. They want to lead the way to a greener future for shipping.

Being good for the planet also makes TAMGA’s customers happy. People like to buy from companies that care. It’s good for the Earth, and it’s good for business too. This is why small companies are choosing to ship in ways that don’t hurt the planet.

Bulk Shipping for Sustainability

The founders of Zero Waste Cartel prefer bulk shipping for two big reasons. It’s better for the buyers and the planet. They sell bamboo toothbrushes in packs of 10. This gets customers thinking about planning together. It makes shipping greener.

Advantages of Bulk Shipping

Shipping in bulk is good for the earth. It cuts down on the number of shipments. Plus, Zero Waste Cartel sends fewer packages. This means less fuel used and a smaller carbon footprint. So, everyone wins with bulk shipping.

Challenges and Solutions

Zero Waste Cartel met problems with finding a warehouse that accepts their special mailers. It took extra time and effort. But, they found a partner in the U.S. This partner is closer to their main market. It’s a win for the planet, showing how teamwork can beat challenges.

Repurposing and Reusing Packaging Materials

Leading brands are at the front of an eco-friendly packaging change. They show they care by reusing materials. For example, Rothy’s is a top brand in making sustainable shoes. They have reused over 34 million water bottles. This shows their strong support for zero-waste packaging.

Minimizing Waste

Rothy’s makes shoes by knitting the uppers. This process makes almost no waste. In traditional shoe making, 30% to 40% of materials are thrown away. Their way of making shoes means a lot less harm to nature.

Innovative Packaging Design

Rothy’s also takes care of its carbon footprint. They support the Envira Amazonia Project to make up for their emissions. Their shoeboxes are 85% made of recycled materials and are very sturdy. This means they need less extra packaging.

Another great example is Meow Meow Tweet. They make organic skin care. They use eco-friendly packing peanuts and paper tape. Their products come in biodegradable packages. Liquids are in either glass or aluminum, which is easy to recycle. This choice shows their strong focus on innovative eco-friendly packaging.

eco friendly packaging for small business

First, compostable mailers are like small bags. They’re a green option for regular plastic shipping bags. You can use them for items such as toys, clothes, and dry foods. These mailers break down completely in about six months. You can toss them in a compost bin at home without worry. They won’t hurt your plants or the soil.

Compostable Product Packaging

Meow Meow Tweet, known for their organic skin care, leads the way with green packaging. They pack their solid items in biodegradable kraft. And they use glass or aluminum for liquids. They even ask customers to think green. For example, they suggest reusing or recycling the aluminum bottle and plastic pump from their Everyday Sunscreen.

Recycling and Take-Back Programs

Recycling and take-back offers from companies like Meow Meow Tweet are key. They help small businesses slash their eco footprint. Through these efforts, businesses can meet the demands of eco-conscious buyers. This support from businesses aids in the fight against excessive waste. It also works toward securing a greener future.


Global warming is a big problem but you can help today. Large companies, while few, are starting to make changes. Yet, the power of small businesses is great too. By choosing eco-friendly methods, these businesses can lead positive changes. Indeed, every small step makes a difference.

Are you keen on making your shipping greener? There are lots of green packaging choices out there. For instance, noissue provides sustainable and unique packaging options. These options are great for the planet. Additionally, by going green with our packages, we step towards a brighter future.

Our journey to sustainability is ongoing and significant. We must keep looking for new ways to be eco-conscious in our deliveries. By working together, we can fight climate change. This effort, even by small businesses, is crucial. Let’s strive for a greener, better world.


What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging uses materials that don’t harm the environment much. These materials can be used over again or they break down easily. This approach reduces the need for single-use plastics.

Why is sustainability important in packaging?

Sustainable packaging helps the planet by using materials again. It doesn’t rely on resources that will run out. We now use more resources than the Earth can make. This means we’re using what’s meant for 1.75 Earths.

How does the FTC define eco-friendly packaging?

The FTC says green packaging should be clearly labeled and explained. This helps small businesses avoid misleading customers.

Why should small businesses go green with eco-friendly packaging?

Green packaging makes customers like your brand more. It also opens up chances to sell more. Plus, it saves money in the long run. The benefits grow as you focus more on being green.

What are the best materials for eco-friendly packaging?

Good eco-materials include cardboard, compostable mailers, and plant-based items. Recycled paper and plastic are also great choices.

What are biodegradable packing peanuts?

These peanuts are made from corn or wheat. They protect breakable things in boxes. They’re a caring swap for long-lasting styrofoam peanuts that harm the environment.

What are the benefits of recyclable padded mailers?

These mailers are great for delicate items like glasses and books. They have cushioning like bubble wrap, but they’re kind to the Earth. Plus, they’re easy to reuse. Local programs often accept them for recycling.

How can small businesses offset their carbon emissions from shipping?

Sustainable brands like TAMGA Designs work with projects that protect forests. This offsets the pollution caused by their shipping.

What are the advantages and challenges of bulk shipping for sustainability?

Bulk shipping saves money and is greener. Yet, finding the right warehouse for green materials can be hard. It takes extra time and planning.

How can small businesses repurpose and reuse packaging materials?

Rothy’s turns plastic bottles into shoes, cutting waste. Using old material to make new is a smart way to reduce garbage.

What are some examples of compostable and recyclable packaging solutions for small businesses?

Meow Meow Tweet chooses packaging that’s gentle on the Earth. They use biodegradable materials for their items. They also urge customers to recycle their packaging.

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