Eco Friendly Jewelry: Stylish and Sustainable Choices

Eco Friendly Jewelry – Today, more of us care about our planet, and that affects everything we buy, including jewelry. The good news is, we can wear beautiful, stylish pieces that don’t harm the earth. This is thanks to many brands that use things like recycled materials and ethical gems1.

Choosing eco-friendly jewelry means we’re supporting the planet. It feels great to wear something nice and know it’s not hurting the environment. Plus, we’re helping artists and communities, too2.

There’s a lot out there in the world of eco-friendly jewelry. You can find everything from pretty earrings made from old items to special rings from sustainable sources. It’s easy to find something you love and feel good about buying it3.

Introduction to Eco-Friendly Jewelry

In the fashion world, eco-friendly jewelry is becoming popular. It is a good choice for those who care about the planet. This type of jewelry is made from materials that don’t harm the Earth4.

What is Eco-Friendly Jewelry?

Eco-friendly jewelry uses materials that are good for the environment. For example, it can be made from recycled gold, silver, and platinum4. It might also include gemstones that are found and cut in ways that protect nature4. Lab-made gemstones are becoming more common too4.

Why Choose Sustainable Jewelry?

By wearing eco-friendly jewelry, you show you care about our planet. The traditional jewelry making process is harmful. For instance, the gold mining industry is a big polluter. It uses a lot of energy and creates tons of CO24.

But, sustainable jewelry is different. It helps lessen your impact on the planet. Also, it supports fair work conditions in the jewelry business5. Plus, it’s often cheaper than regular jewelry5. This is because it uses materials that are reused, and it’s made under ethical conditions5.

So, choosing eco-friendly jewelry is a win-win. You get to look good and know you are not harming the Earth456.

Sustainable Materials Used in Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry brands are at the forefront of sustainable fashion. They focus on using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. This approach doesn’t just lessen jewelry’s environmental impact. It also boosts social responsibility in the industry.

Recycled Metals

Recycled gold, silver, and platinum are the heart of eco-friendly jewelry. These metals are obtained from old jewelry and industrial scrap. They help curb the need for new mining, which is harmful to the environment7. For example, mining a carat of diamonds can release around 57kg of carbon7. Brands like Niki Grandics and Emily Shaffer focus on this, using 100% recycled metals in their pieces8.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Brand’s also look for ethical gemstones, especially diamonds. They make sure these stones aren’t involved in conflicts and that workers are treated fairly7. More than 80% of buyers want jewelry that is conflict-free and are ready to pay more for it7. Designers like Niki Grandics and Emily Shaffer highlight the ethical origins of their materials8.

By using these materials, eco-friendly jewelers cut down on their negative impact. This helps the Earth and resonates with customers who value ethical fashion. They offer beautifully designed, sustainable options in jewelry.

Eco-friendly jewelry makers are changing the game with their sustainable approach. By choosing their products, consumers support a cleaner planet and fair trade. They can be proud of their environmentally friendly and stylish accessories789.

Benefits of Choosing Eco Friendly Jewelry

Your jewelry choices can affect the planet. Luckily, eco-friendly jewelry is a great option. It looks good, helps the environment, and supports ethical practices. This means picking jewelry made from materials that are gathered and crafted responsibly is a big win for our world.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly jewelry is made from materials that don’t harm the earth much. They meet high environmental standards10.

It uses recycled metals and gems, which means less need to dig up new resources. This cuts down on waste. Plus, diamonds created in labs need fewer materials than mined ones, which is better for the planet10.

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By using less new resources, eco-friendly jewelry helps protect the environment. It also supports renewable energy and cutting down on waste. That’s great for the earth10.

Supporting Ethical Practices

Eco-friendly jewelry cares about where its gems come from. Mines that treat people well and are kind to the earth are chosen. This helps workers and the planet10.

It also helps local communities by ensuring workers are treated fairly. This improves work conditions and keeps traditional jewelry making alive10.

Buying eco-friendly jewelry helps good business grow. It supports local economies and ethical production. This is good for everyone involved10.

Choosing eco-friendly jewelry means supporting initiatives that are kind to the planet and people. It’s a choice that matters101112.

Top Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

The rise of sustainable fashion has led to more eco-friendly jewelry brands. These sustainable jewelry brands and ethical jewelry companies lead the way. They offer stylish responsible jewelry design for those who care.

One example is ABLE. They sell jewelry from $15 to $180 and focus on fair labor and clear supply chains13. Another is Brilliant Earth, known for using mostly recycled gold and silver in their jewelry13.

Catbird is known for its broad, ethical selection, ranging from $14 to $15,500. They use recycled materials and fair-trade gold13. Rays & Riches offers simple, recycled jewelry priced between $9 and $18613.

Raven + Lily showcases unique, sustainably-made jewelry. Their pieces range from $28 to $24013. ABLE stands out for its commitment to fair labor, making jewelry in Nashville and revealing wage details13.

These brands are changing the jewelry world. With a focus on sustainability and ethics, they offer products that make a difference. Choosing these sustainable jewelry brands means supporting ethical sourcing and fair labor.

Brilliant Earth stands out by using only ethical mining methods and materials. They show a strong commitment to being green13. Catbird is serious about ethical practices, using recycled metals and more in their jewelry13.

Rays & Riches and Raven + Lily also shine. They use recycled materials for their jewelry, offering greener choices13. These sustainable jewelry brands are setting trends in the industry. They provide stylish, eco-friendly options for shoppers who care.

As jewelry changes, so do our choices. Ethical jewelry companies are leading the movement towards a greener future. By choosing these brands, shoppers can help the planet and support ethical practices with every purchase13.

Mejuri: Ethical and Affordable Fine Jewelry

Mejuri is a Canadian jewelry brand known for its green efforts and fair practices14. In 2015, Noura Sakkijha started Mejuri to offer stunning jewelry people could feel good about while looking out for our planet.

Sustainable Sourcing and Craftsmanship

Mejuri shines in the way it finds and makes its jewelry14. Around 80% of their 14k gold pieces come from recycled gold. This keeps them from creating more waste when making beautiful jewelry.

The brand is careful about where it gets its gemstones, too. They make sure these gems are taken out of the earth and prepared in fair, safe ways.

To bring the best to its fans, Mejuri works with skilled jewelers from Italy, India, and South Korea14. These experts help make each piece shine with talent in ways that are good for the earth.

Affordable Luxury for Everyday Wear

Mejuri offers luxury that’s easy on the wallet by selling straight to you14. Their 14k gold pieces start at $78. This makes goodies like the Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring, Bold Pavé Diamond Huggie Hoops, Snake Ring, and Curb Bracelet surprisingly affordable.

They want you to wear their jewelry every day, all while being both stylish and earth-friendly14. This idea makes their collection even more inviting.

Even though Mejuri does a lot for the planet and the people, there’s always more to do15. A group called Good On You says Mejuri’s work conditions and wage policies could be better. But, they’ve made good steps in looking after the environment.

As Mejuri grows, it aims to do better by its workers and the planet15. This way, it can set a shining example in the world of fine jewelry and live up to its care for the environment and people141516.

Aurate: Recycled Gold and Ethical Practices

In the sustainable fashion world, Aurate is a standout. It merges beautiful designs with a strong eco-friendly and ethical stand. Situated in New York City, Aurate creates its jewelry from 100% recycled gold. Thus, no harm to our planet happens when making their pieces17.

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Their designs draw inspiration from NYC’s landmarks and architecture. They use elements like historic doorknobs and the Brooklyn Bridge. These pieces are made by artisans who follow strict ethical guidelines, for seven generations now17.

Aurate doesn’t just stop at using recycled gold. The brand ensures its diamonds are sourced ethically, through the Kimberley Process. This process guarantees that no conflict is fueling the diamond trade, with 99.8% being conflict-free. Also, Aurate’s pearls come from sustainable sources, protecting our oceans17.

But Aurate goes further to be a force for good, partnering with charities like Mastery Charter. Together, they provide thousands of books each year to promote children’s literacy and creativity in the U.S17.

They also work with She Should Run, an organization pushing women to join politics. Plus, they’re active in BUILD NYC, where they help teens learn to start and manage small businesses. This work focuses on creating a fairer society and diverse workplace17.

Choosing Aurate’s jewelry means supporting more than just style. It means standing with a brand that values the planet, ethical ways, and social contributions. Investing in Aurate means investing in a better future171819.

SOKO: Empowering Artisans and Fair Trade

At SOKO, we think green style begins with boosting those who make it. We’re known for our cool, ethical jewelry. It helps artisans live better lives20.

We support artisans in Kenya to sell globally. We make sure our materials are ethical, like using recycled brass. Our partners earn good money, up to five times more than others in the area21.

SOKO is big on boosting local communities and fair trade. Over 3,000 artisans and $1 million in sales support this claim. It shows people want eco-friendly, hand-made fashion20.

Our goal? Raise our artisans’ earnings by 20% by 2025. This shows our commitment to long-lasting community support20. In 2020, we won a big award. It showed our push for a fairer fashion world was heading the right way20.

The eco fashion market is growing fast. SOKO leads by example. Our jewelry doesn’t just look good; it helps change artisans’ lives for the better20.

BrandPrice RangeSustainable Practices
SOKO$40 to $27821Sourcing ~90% of brass from recycled sources21, up to 5x higher pay for artisans compared to the local average21
Catbird$14 to $15,50021Allocating 1% of sales to equality-centered nonprofits, surpassing $1.9 million in funds21
Josiah Eidmann Studios$9 to $5121Affordable and ethical jewelry
Adorness$26 to $3821Sustainable and affordable jewelry
Tumble & Rose$15 to $2221Ethically sourced and handmade jewelry
Kind Karma$28 to $8521Jewelry made with sustainable materials

Being part of the eco fashion move is thrilling for us at SOKO. Our setup lets lots of our money go back to help the places our stuff comes from. This is much more than usual in Fair Trade22. We work with over 1,000 artisans, changing their lives in Nairobi’s slums22.

We also work with Pencils of Promise. This way, we help our artisans and boost where they come from. Kenya is a key spot for smart, green fashion. We’re happy to help it grow22.

Choose SOKO jewelry to support green practices and fair trade. Help us change the fashion world, one piece at a time202122.

Brilliant Earth: Traceable Diamonds and eco friendly jewelry

Looking for sustainable and ethical jewelry? Brilliant Earth is a top choice. They are all about being honest and careful. Their jewelry shines with great design using traceable diamonds and recycled precious metals.

Brilliant Earth focuses on where their diamonds come from. Each diamond comes with a report that tells its story and proves it’s conflict-free. This shows customers they’re buying ethically sourced diamonds.

They also use recycled precious metals in their jewelry. By reusing materials, they cut down on waste and help the planet. Brilliant Earth’s collection includes eco-friendly jewelry for any occasion, blending fashion with caring for the Earth.

Brilliant Earth makes sure their diamonds and metals meet high ethical and green standards. They check and confirm their claims. This means customers can believe in the sustainable jewelry Brilliant Earth offers.

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Sustainable MaterialDescription
Traceable DiamondsBrilliant Earth tells the stories behind each diamond, making sure they’re ethical and clean from conflict.
Recycled Precious MetalsThey turn old gold and precious metals into beautiful jewelry, stopping the need to mine new materials as much.

If you want an engagement ring, a wedding band, or any daily jewelry, go for Brilliant Earth. They lead in caring for the Earth and being clear about their products. With them, your style and values meet for a better, greener world.

Brilliant Earth. (2023). Traceable Diamonds and Sustainable Jewelry. Retrieved from [](

GLDN: Personalized and Sustainable Pieces

GLDN believes in making top-notch jewelry without harming the Earth. We’re all about being green while letting you share your unique story. Our collection features elegant pieces made from recycled stuff.

Modern Heirlooms with Recycled Materials

We carefully craft GLDN jewelry from 90% recycled materials. This cuts down on waste and helps the planet. 90% of our stunning pieces are handcrafted in La Conner, Washington. The other 10% comes from partners who excel in handling tiny stones. We’re serious about doing things right, ensuring our workers get fair pay and benefits, all in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Affordable and Sentimental Designs

At GLDN, we know jewelry should tell a story without breaking the bank. Everything we make is unique, just like you, and easy on your wallet. For a decade, we’ve transformed stories into treasures that connect people through our jewelry.

We don’t skimp on the quality or the meaning, even if it doesn’t cost a fortune. Our range includes designs in gold fill, rose gold, and solid gold. And customer happiness is a top priority. That’s why we provide free tweaks or fixes within six months for most items and up to three years for anything in solid gold.

Being kind to the planet and to others is part of our brand’s mission. We give 10% of what we make to causes we care deeply about. This helps champions in various fields, from fostering human rights and mental health to supporting the arts.

GLDN combines style, sustainability, and affordability. We offer you the chance to wear your values proudly. Whether it’s about using recycled stuff or treating people right, we stand for making a stylish choice that’s good for our planet and its people.

Key Sustainability MetricsGLDN
Percentage of recycled materials used90%23
Percentage of pieces crafted in-house90%23
Percentage of profits donated to charity10%2324
Percentage of recyclable packaging96%24

Quince: Affordable and Ethically Sourced

Quince is making a name for itself in eco-friendly fashion. It brings you beautiful jewelry that’s kind to the planet. This brand offers ethically sourced metals and gemstones, thanks to working with trusted suppliers25. Its collection includes everything from earrings to bracelets. And the best part? You can buy real gold jewelry without breaking the bank.

One of Quince’s bestsellers is the Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud earrings25. They are loved for their quality and value. You can also find 14K gold line studs for under $80. These are a great deal for gold earrings25. Looking for more sparkle? The 14K Gold Petite Pear Diamond Studs are a hit at $179. They’re a great buy compared to similar pieces from Mejuri, which go for $25025.

Quince has great rings too. There’s the Gold Classic Band for $14925. It’s a solid choice for those after a classic wedding band. The Gold Stacker Ring is just $70. It offers a simple and stylish look25. Looking for something to catch the eye? The Pave Slim Signet Ring at $135 is a top choice. It’s budget-friendly for a fancy ring25.

Quince cares about the planet. It shows in their fair prices for beautiful, sustainable jewelry. This makes it easy for shoppers who want to make eco-conscious choices. They can wear these lovely pieces every day, knowing they’ve made a good choice252627.

Quince jewelry


The eco-friendly jewelry movement is growing fast, thanks to more people wanting sustainable and ethical style choices28. Top brands like Mejuri, Aurate, SOKO, and others are making cool, responsible jewelry. They focus on sourcing in ways that are kind to the earth and workers29.

Wearing eco-friendly jewelry shows we care about the planet. It allows us to support a fashion industry that’s more responsible28. Using materials like recycled metals and lab-made gems cuts down on harm to our planet. It ensures workers are treated well and we know where our items come from30.

The choices we make when buying jewelry matter a lot28. Learning more and choosing brands that care can make the jewelry world better29. We’re heading towards a greener, fairer jewelry world. It’s great to see and be part of this change29.

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